you-think-im-a-contra asked:
happy birthday!!!!

thank you xxxxx


both of these boys must be touching to sleep
Anonymous asked:
happy birthday!

thank you xx

Anonymous asked:
happy birthday! i'm sorry if you're not having a great day, but don't worry i can't remember the last time i had an awesome birthday. i cried on the morning of my birthday and ending up having an ok day by night time. just remember its not the worst thing in the world if your birthday isn't amazing,you'll have a ton of other amazing days!

thank you so much! I’m sorry you’ve had a bad run with birthday’s too, but i’m glad you haven’t let it get you down (i’m trying to be more like that) xx

deoxy-ribo asked:
is today your birthday? if so, happy birthday. :-)

it is! and thank you xx