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Caitlyn | Australia

to be awake is for us to think

I don't get my aesthetic either


you’re not what you look like. you’re the music you listen to, the shows you watch, the art you make, the flowers in your hair, your favourite blanket. you’re not the pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You’re not your thighs or your teeth. you’re the colour of your hair, you’re your favourite band, you’re the mismatch socks you wear and your favourite sweater. You’re what you love, you’re not what you look like or the body you are in.

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Out Of Mind - Magic Man
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If it’s not acceptable to pout in hospital then I give up on trying
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I’m a bit drugged up rn, but I just wanna say that Sabrina fivesecondsofsuckmyass is the best and i have seen so many cute nurses so far and it was wonderful

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